Reno Orthodontist: An Orthodontic Treatment Guide For Your Child

Although no one has really fallen sick or even died due to crooked teeth, there is no doubt that a bright smile can make a significant impact on an individual’s self-confidence. A lot of studies have already shown how a person’s perception of himself can imbue a positive vibe to others which often leads to more opportunities for him in work and in personal undertakings.

Going for orthodontic treatment at the right time

As a parent, you may be facing the possibility of having your child go through orthodontic treatment. With this comes the concern on cost and the type of treatment that should be chosen along with how to pick the most reputable Reno orthodontist. You may also wonder if what the orthodontist has advised will be the best approach for your child as more emphasis is put on early treatment these days. But, is it really necessary? Would it make a difference to start orthodontic treatment early than correct your kid’s malocclusion all at once at a much proper time during adolescence? Recent research actually supports a more cautious approach by foregoing the two-stage treatment which involves an early orthodontic procedure in favor of waiting for the appropriate time during the child’s adolescence.

Educating parents on their children’s dental health

Aside from providing high quality treatment, my job as an orthodontist also includes educating parents and patients about dental problems and encouraging them to monitor their children’s orthodontic and general health. I can recommend an effective treatment plan based on evidence and the timing in which this should be applied during the patient’s growth, but I also leave it to the family to make the decision if they would pursue treatment or not.

My advice to parents who are considering orthodontic treatment for their kids is to be well-informed. Not all orthodontists are alike and timing is everything to ensure that the treatment will be effective. A child’s face can change as they reach their adolescent period mainly because their jaws also grow. If treatment is given too early and it is completed before the child’s facial growth is full, the elements on the teeth could change, which can reduce the success of the treatment.

Choosing the best orthodontist

You see, finding the right Reno orthodontist is crucial in ensuring that treatments will be handled well. Search for the nicest orthodontist in Reno, one who can easily build rapport with your child and whom your child is also comfortable with. He should also be able to understand your child’s problems well as orthodontic treatment is a big investment in your money and time.

The average cost of braces for example, is now between $4,500 and $7,500 so it’s highly important that the Reno orthodontist is right for your child. Other factors you should consider are the doctor’s educational background that may include being an American Board Certified Specialist, general dentist or orthodontist. Take into consideration the location of his practice and the plans and appliances that he often use for treatments.

Checking if the practice is patient-friendly

If you have spare time, I recommend that you visit the orthodontist’s clinic during peak times to check how the staff interacts with their patients. The best orthodontist in Reno will ensure that his staff knows how to put patients at ease especially when dealing with children. Inquire about their billing and insurance practices so that you will have an idea if their processes are smooth.

With these guides, I hope you will be able to select the right Reno orthodontist and be confident of the treatment plan and its success.

Before and after photos of what a Reno orthodontist can do for your smile

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